PH Drew Inc.

P.H. Drew provides

Seasoned estimators, detailers and project managers who review design plans to anticipate and avoid problems

AISC-approved shop to insure quality and reliability

Full paint bay with shot blast capabilities

Personalized service, powered by the necessary experience to deliver quality fabrication

 Excellent supply chain with all major domestic mills and service centers for the best material price and availability

 Owners, contractors and subcontractors rely on PH Drew for their fabricated products from estimate to material delivery

Bridge Products
• Traffic Rail
• Pedestrian Rail
• Expansion Joints
• Access Walkways and Platforms
• Steel Barrier Wall
• Aluminum Barrier Wall
• Steel Diaphragms

Additional Products 

• Hand Rail 

• Sound Wall Columns 

• Piling Fabrication 

• Tie Back Plates 

• Whalers